The Syndicate


The syndicate was founded at the same time as Coriolis, and is viewed by many as the illegal shadow of the Consortium. The faction is made up of a group of wealthy families from the crew of the Zenith who joined forces with Firstcome criminal groups on Algol, Sadaal and Zalos. Together, they took control over the street gangs that had started to form on Coriolis.


The Syndicate’s contact with the legitimate economy is handled by front men in the Consortium companies, bureaucrats on Sadaal, drug cartels on Algol and supposedly even the rebels on Zalos-B. These contacts are used for smuggling, drug production, proxy trips and illegal research – sometimes with human subjects.

Families & Gangs of The Syndicate
Family Origin Gang Turf Distinguishing Marks
Adibal Sadaal Faris Mulukhad Dress in garish colors
Afyana Algol Ganiya Spice Plaza Secret handshake
Birbasil Zenith Lama Ozone Plaza Lips tattooed black
Intisaar Zalos Izza Spring Plaza Scarification on their backs
RaFa Algol Warrk Market Plaza Secret handshake

The Syndicate

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