The Legion


The Legion is the youngest of the Firstcome factions, with bvery close ties to the Consortium. The two flagships Shahrazad and Dunyazad and their escort, the only survivors from Shadussar’s 2nd Fleet after the Portal Wars, founded the Legion. During the chaotic years that followed the end of the war, the survivors traveled the Horizon as warlords and corsairs. Many of the horrors perpetrated during those years can be traced back to the Legion – something they refuse to acknowledge today, of course.

When the Zenith arrived and the Consortium was founded, this new and powerful employer suddenly meant new possibilities. The Legion of today was born. They were originally hired by the Consortium to wipe out the fleets of the Zenithian Hegemony, but suffered terrible losses and retreated, instead being tasked with hunting corsairs, greedy nobles or any other who would threaten the Consortium’s interests.


The Legion of today is still centered on the two flagships, but is otherwise organized as three separate branches: the fleet, the companies, and the Guard. To many, the fleet represents the true Legion. Even though one of the flagships has gone missing – or is away on a secret mission – the fleet is growing, new ships coming in from the docks on Sadaal and many other yards. The exact size of the fleet is unknown. Supposedly, the Legion still has access to secret bases all over the Horizon left behind since the chaotic years, but no one knows for sure. The Consortium is the only faction who uses the fleet today.

The companies are the everyday faces of the Legion. Many different factions employ this branch for all sorts of missions. The companies are not a uniform army as much as they are a jumbled mess of mercenary groups who can access lucrative jobs through their membership in the Legion. The faction has strict rules that detail how a mission should be carried out, and all member companies must obey the rules or face expulsion and have their leaders hunted down and executed. This makes for plenty of jobs available to free companies – they get paid less, but have no rules to follow.

The Coriolis Guard is the branch with the lowest reputation. They answer directly to the governor of Coriolis and are responsible for keeping the peace on the station, but they are too corrupt to be any good at it. Other Legionnaires view them as fake mercs or proxy Legionnaires. Woe to the unlucky Legionnaire who gets injured badly enough to be demoted to the Guard.

The Legion

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