The Infonet


Most people in the Horizon can use basic data systems, but advanced operations require a Data Djinn test – for example entering protected systems, modifying or writing new programs, or counteracting spyware and attack memes.

While not a physical location, the Infonet is ever-present on Coriolis and in cities with a strong Consortium presence. It is formed by a massive network of the Bulletin’s encrypted terminals, carrying news, entertainment, and other programs to the populace of the Third Horizon. The infonet is also used by computers, tabulas, and advanced transactors for information sharing, data storage or birr transactions.

The info terminals on Coriolis supply people on the station with all sorts of useful information, and they are veritable gold mines to a data spider. All information on the infonet will sooner or later leak out, even private messages from forums and password protected areas. The factions’ communications use the same network but generally have stronger encryption.

The station’s security and defense systems run on a separate encrypted network that can only be accessed by the terminals inside Administrative Services, the headquarters of the Guard, and a few other places. Attempts to get at this information are criminal acts and will trigger swift reprisal from the Judicators.

The Infonet

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