The Draconites


Few factions have such an air of mystery as that which surrounds the Draconite order. They are renowned for their fearlessness in both combat and diplomacy, and are said to make no distinction between the two. The faction originated in the part of the crew of the Zenith that valued resolve and willpower above all else. They viewed the commanding Quassar and Yriedes families as too entrenched in the discussions about what to do with the colonists in stasis, and instead went ahead and woke them up on their own.

They were among the first to leave the Zenith after the awakening, disappearing into the dark. Whatever it was that they found out there among the debris and ruins on abandoned worlds no one knows. The stories claim that their travels in the Dark between the Stars turned them into something cold and purely egotistical. When they reentered the light of civilization, they did it as a disciplined faction of warrior philosophers, possessing secret truths the other factions could only dream of.

The philosophy of the order is the subject of much debate and the most outlandish of theories. That they emphasize conflict as a metaphysical concept is clear to anyone. They regard it as a form of both personal and collective growth. Even though most would think this a very violent approach to the world, some say that it is just as much about inner conflict, about the perpetual struggle with the impure parts of the self, and that the Draconites seek to confront and defeat their inner demons, no matter the cost. This is in many ways reflected in the order’s worship of the Lady of Tears in her cold and strict form, the Executioner. Her sword is sharp and always ready for whoever breaks the traditions or codes of the order, but also for the weak of heart. The Executioner protects any and all who are in control of their own lives and who choose their own death.

The Draconites

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