The Consortium


The Consortium and the Coriolis station are one – so closely tied together that most people in the Horizon can’t tell them apart. Coriolis was constructed using materials from the dismantling of the Zenith, on the orders of the Yriedes family, the seconds-in-command. The Yriedeses had a vision that became the Consortium’s motto: “Sell everything to everyone”. The Yriedes clan, together with the families Parr, Nestera and Evgeni founded the core group of companies that now, some sixty years later, have grown into one huge faction.

The Consortium of today consists of about twenty larger companies, all owning installations and factories throughout the Horizon. Most production facilities are located on Kua or in the larger systems, but new colonies are established all the time. The larger corporations have representatives on the board of directors, the faction’s governing body, and the three largest ones – the Bulletin, the Foundation and the Colonial Agency – each have their own seat at the Council of Factions.

The current faction director and council member is Tiera Yriedes, closely associated with the military industrial trinity Parr-Nestera, Tilides and Xoar, and a personal friend of Legion general Ekaterina Hierida. The new, aggressive policies promoted by Tiera have begun to escalate conflicts across the Horizon. A storm is coming.

Consortium Companies
Company Main Industry
Alkarra Larger ships
The Bulletin Information, entertainment
Celer-Delekta Cybernetic prosthetics, bionics, medicurgy
Exeter Reactors, cruises, tourism
Hyperion Bulk haulers, logistics, freaight
The Colonial Agency Mineral prospecting, mining operations, colonization
Nestera Advanced body armor, ground vehicles
Nomo Graviton generators, inertia dampeners
Nyala Computers, software, hardware
Parr Intermediate goods (foods), ship armor
Parr-Nestera Accelerator weapons, body armor
The Foundation Research, education
Tildes Exosuits, smaller ships, probes, torpedoes
Vulcanor Vulcan weapons
Xoar Advanced body armor, shock weapons, thermal weapons

The Consortium

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