The people of the Third Horizon are often divided into Firstcome and Zenithian, but reality is of course much more nuanced – hardened colonists, nomads, biosculpted humanites and, at least according to some, even semi-intelligences all make up the vibrant bustle of people inhabiting the cluster.


The Firstcome are a diverse group of people that migrated to the Third Horizon in great colonization vessels in many waves, countless years ago. The order of their arrival has been forgotten, but tradition names Algol as the first planet they settled on. Starting out as a rather homogenous group regarding language and culture, they slowly grew apart over the centuries. Today, almost every system has its own language, although migrants and colonists spread the tongues within the Horizon – the Conglomerate on Kua has a large Algolan speaking minority, for example. The Icon faith is the one constant across all the Firstcome peoples, albeit with many different variations in practice. The Firstcome societies tend to be centered on the extended family or the clan, but this is beginning to change.


The space nomads travel the Horizon in ancient ships, often heavily modified and jury-rigged, using whatever spare parts their engineers can get hold of. Just like other Firstcome people, the nomads are clan oriented with large families, passing down a profession through generations. From your early years, you will be an apprentice pilot, hydroponic farmer, life support engineer, security guard, or maybe an exo-warrior. The clan organizes all of society’s functions.


The humanites are a scorned and despised group. They are modified humans created to perform certain functions or endure certain hardships better than base humans. Even the plebeians, whose work is almost the same as that of the humanites, look down upon them. Recognizing a humanite without advanced sensors and biometric scanners can be hard. Tiny sculpts like reptilian third eyelids, extremity hearts, or modified glands are invisible to the naked eye, while larger modifications usually are the result of cosmetic sculpting on Coriolis, the independent station Ahalimm or in the Algolan meat district.


Two generations have passed since the arrival of the Zenith, some 60-odd cycles of marriages and couplings between Firstcome and Zenithians that have created a Horizon far less divided than it appears to be at the Council of Factions. Those who call themselves Zenithians feel more modern than the Firstcome, although they are still Icon believers. Zenithians in other systems than Kua are often connected to colonies from Coriolis or Kua, or to a Consortium corporation. Some cities have whole districts populated by Zenithian exiles, such as Little Zenith in Alburz, Sadaal, or the round Par-Corioli block in Tirgonum, Mira. The Zenithians are generally of a more pragmatic nature than the Firstcome, and have replaced family ties with corporations, factions and birr.


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