A very long time ago, in our resource-depleted home system of Sol, two colony ships were built. These ships were the Zenith and the Nadir. Their destination was the star Aldebaran, and they were crewed with volunteers seeking a better life. Over the course of centuries of deep space travel, the crews lived their lives aboard these ships. The Nadir disappeared in the Dark Between the Stars, its crew never to be heard from again. But the Zenith finally reached its destination.

A long time after the departure of Zenith, the rulers of Earth had discovered shortcuts to what became known as the Third Horizon. These portals opened the way for humanity to travel the stars, and a new golden age began. Colonization vessels sought out distant stars, establishing the First and Second Horizons. Finally, the Third Horizon was reached, and it became a haven for radicals and freethinkers from the first two horizons. Earth-like worlds were discovered and colonized, and civilization slowly spread.

War broke out when the First Horizon sought to solidify its claim to the Horizons beyond it. The slaughter lasted for several years, but ended when the star fleets of the Third Horizon finally wiped out the First Horizon’s forces and closed all portals to the other horizons. The terrible war left in its wake remnants of once great armadas, rifts in the fabric of space-time, and ravaged planets.

Then, the Zenith finally arrived in the Third Horizon. The massive ship found its original destination already colonized by the lords and emirs of Dabaran. After traveling the war-torn Horizon, Zenith decided on the cluster’s central system, Kua, as its new home. However, a mutiny aboard soon divided the crew. The captain’s family fled the ship and settled on the planet Kua’s surface below. The remaining colonists cannibalized their ship, rebuilding it into the great space station Coriolis and declared a new era in the Third Horizon – a time for trade, reawakening and peace.


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