Church of the Icons


The Talisman
The symbol of the Church is a silver sideways eight. This symbolizes the eight visible Icons, with the empty spaces representing the Faceless One. It is also the symbol of infinity in Dabaran mathematics.

The Church of the Icons has become the dominant religious faction. They are the Horizon’s youngest faction, and have grown strong through collecting, canonizing and institutionalizing the wide, sprawling faith that has existed in the Horizon for centuries. A ruling matriarch and patriarch, assisted by an assembly of clergy, head the faction. The Church preaches that evil exists within humans themselves, and that it is released when the Dark between the Stars enters someone’s life.


The Circle of Seekers are the remnants of an old Icon cult. They are the strongest on Sadaal, on Mira and her sister systems, and on Dabaran, where they have both the Temple of the Circle and a monastery school in Lotus, the holy city. The Seeker title is only awarded someone upon initiation into one of their monasteries, which are always shaped like circles.

The Seekers have a reputation for being skillful negotiators. They have often been called upon to end bitter conflicts, such as the Geselem riots on Algol and in the aftermath of the bloody massacre on the Moon of Menkar. Apart from this, the Seekers generally keep a low profile. On Coriolis and in other places, they run meditative stone gardens where believers and Seekers can come to find peace.


  • The mission
  • The life bond
  • The creed
  • The blessing
  • The fast
  • The confession
  • The pilgrimage
  • The giving of alms
  • The prayer

Church of the Icons

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