Ahlam's Temple


The origins of the teachings of Ahlam stem from Miran temple dances and poems from before the Portal Wars. Esteemed philosophers like Haraman Hassam and poets like Jasmine Sidat developed the heritage into the Temple of Ahlam of today. Just like the Church of the Icons, the Temple seeks to spread their philosophies. The knowledge of the purity of the present will help the people of the Horizon lead better lives.


The Temple is mainly famous for the courtesan academies they run on Coriolis and Mira. The education there is completely focused on the eight arts of pleasure. Apart from the courtesans, many influential rhetoricians, prophets, entertainers and officers have attended the academies. Both the Zenithian Hegemony and the Bulletin regularly send employees and aristocrats to the academies to be taught the mysteries of subjectivity and sensory input.

A part of the Temple less spoken of is the Black Lotuses, courtesans who have been trained in the ninth art – the pleasure of death.


Aside from the proxy technology, rumors say that the philosophers of the Temple can create memes of their own.By manipulating light, sound and bio signals the so-called mematurgs can make people believe or do things that are not true to their nature.

Ahlam's Temple

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