About Nyala


Nyala leads the way in the manufacture of cutting-edge computing devices in the Third Horizon. Our production facilities are rated the safest and most worker-friendly, too! In addition to specialized hardware, like the Tabula you are now using, we also produce a wide variety of software solutions for many of life’s necessities.

The leaders of Nyala are united in providing only the very best to you, the consumer, and we take every claim of faulty equipment very seriously. That’s why we offer an extended three Coriolis-year warranty against any and all manufacturer defects (some exclusions may apply, please read and adhere to the terms and conditions of every Nyala device you purchase very closely).

Thank you for choosing Nyala first, and welcome to your new Tabula! We are certain that it will provide you with a excellent way to organize your life, and access all of your personal files, pave the way to amazing entertainments, and provide you with instant access to the Bulletin!

About Nyala

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